Demolition DerbyDemolition Derby
Fair Grounds
Saturday, July 8th, 6:00pm
gates open at 5:00 pm

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Registration and Release | Rules

We invite you and your friends to take part in this year’s derby. The registration fee is $50 and if received prior to July 3, 2017, you will receive a full refund following a passing vehicle inspection and running the day of the event. In addition to a full refund, we will also give you two free pit member passes at a value of $20 each. This is a total value of $90 for preregistering.

We will also be enforcing the rule that if you get out of your truck for reasons other than your safety you will be blacklisted. This is at the main judge’s ruling.

Contact Jess Lessin at 218-234-3280 or for additional information.